Important Information for Home Banking and Bill Payment Users

The Ohio Educational Credit Union is in the process of making some exciting changes to our Home Banking and Electronic Bill Payment Service. You'll discover a new look and some exciting new features when you logon to the OECU Home Banking Web site, e22nd St. We're moving to an advanced home banking platform designed to provide you with the very best home banking experience. We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to assist you in understanding the new e22nd St system.

Frequently Asked Home Banking Questions
What will I notice when the change occurs?
The only noticeable change you should experience is the look of the screens on the Web site. This improved user interface includes a new "look and feel" and some additional features we are certain will improve your PC Banking experience.

Will there be a difference in how I access my account information?
No, you will access your account information in the same manner as before. However, you will now have a more personalized view of your information. You'll be able to determine when you want your online session to time out. These and other features are designed to make your home banking experience more enjoyable.

Will my account numbers change?
No, the site improvements will in no way affect your account numbers or any other personal information.

Are any of your security features changing?
Yes, to ensure you receive the highest level of account security, we have enhanced our security measures. With our new home banking technology, we are informed of failed logins and are able to track these unsuccessful login attempts in order to safeguard you and your account.

Do I have to re-register for home banking?
No, your current login ID and password information will continue to work. However, you will no longer be required to enter your Toni PIN.

Will I timeout after five or ten minutes?
You decide when your online session should time out. You can change this under "User Options".

Can I categorize my transactions?
Yes! Sort your transactions on the Account Detail page by description and amount to stay organized.

Can I keep up with my stocks from e22nd St?
You can set up your personalized stock table to stay up-to-date on your stock prices.

Frequently Asked Bill Payment Questions
Will my bill payment history be available to me online?
Yes, just as before, this information will be available to you online. You will not have to make any changes to your online account.

What happens if I don't have enough money in my account to pay a bill that I have scheduled for payment?
In the past, your account was checked to make sure you had the funds. If the funds were available, the bill was paid. If the funds were not available, nothing happened and the bill was not paid.

What will now happen is we will attempt to pay the bill. If the funds are not available in your account, you will be charged a $29.50 insufficient funds charge and your home banking bill payment account will be placed on hold until a deposit has been made to cover your payment(s). This hold will only affect your ability to pay bills online.

When will my bill payment be debited from my account?
Your bill payments will be initiated on the processing dates you specify with the payment coming from your account on the next business day. The processing date is the date on which you'd like your payments to be processed/sent out to ensure your bills are paid by their due dates. We recommend that you schedule electronic payments three days and check payments five days prior to your payment due dates.

How will I know if a merchant has received my payment?
You will receive email notifications when electronic bills are delivered and receive confirmation of payment through the payment status indicator.

Who do I call in case of problems or questions?
Please call our Member Service Representatives in our Call Center at 216-621-6296 x 6 (or 800-552-6328 x 6). You may also email us at

In order to offer the latest and best technology into your home banking experience, we will continue to make enhancements to our site. We apologize for any inconvenience.